Pakistan Studies in English For Second Year Students.

Pakistan Studies In English. Books for second year students.
As the students of second year start with the year, those of them having Pakistan Studies in English are pretty worried. Thanks to Peshawar Board we don't have an official textbook. There are many guides of course to help through the way. Here are some which I recommend to you...

  • N.W.F.P Text Book Board Book: The Urdu official book is very important for objectives. No matter how much you learn the translation of it, there are always things missing. So remember to keep in touch with the Urdu book for objectives. Read every chapter, highlight things for objectives, underline the names, facts and figures and synchronize them with your guides. Most important chapters for this are Chapter 1, 3, 5 and 11. Others are also important, so don't skip any of them. I will not tell you the easy way out but the one which will ensure good scores.
  • Hi Vision Pak Study: by Amara Haroon and Miss Syeda. This book has loads of spelling mistakes and all but it is the translation of the Urdu textbook so I will highly recommend this. There were girls in our year who sat down to translate the Urdu book themselves but never finished. This book is also good for headings and the figures are mostly accurate.
  • Pakistan Studies Intermediate: by Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan. National Book Foundation Islamabad. I found this book very good and would again recommend it. No one I knew used this book much but I did. The language in this book is simple and clear. There are many topics missing and for those you will have to read other books but the topics it does contain are good, brief and clean.
(I will list the topics which are missing in this book later for your convenience)
  • Introduction to Pakistan Studies: by M. Ikram Rabbani. This book is used by many and is very extensive with details and all. I would recommend this book for important long questions only. The details in it otherwise would dazzle you to oblivion is all I can say.
  • Pak Studies Class 10: You can use this book too for common topics because you have already learned it once and it is way easier and less time consuming.
  • Star Social Studies Book 8: This book has awesome History section especially the Chapters:The Pakistan Movement : The three Era's. It is very good for long questions as well as short notes.
  • Quotes From the Quaid: By Oxford. The quotes from Mohammad Ali Jinnah are an essential part of Pakistan Studies and you can get all sorts of quotes from Jinnah in English from this tiny but helpful book.